Our Guarantee

With over 20,000 happy customers, we are the number 1 in tiger's eye stones and other types of healing crystals in Sri Lanka. We are a registered company under National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Sri Lanka. (Registration number: COL - 1545)

We assure you that all the products that you buy from our company are made of 100% natural, high quality AA grade stones.

You can have any of our bracelets checked from any gem testing laboratory in the country and confirm that our stones are 100% natural stones.

We guarantee a 100% refund (with the delivery charge if any) if the stones are not genuine.

We can provide you a gem certificate for any bracelet that you buy from us, from an accredited gem testing lab or National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Sri Lanka at an additional Rs. 2500 per bracelet (Gem testing laboratory fee)